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Tom Sheldon a 27-year-old freshman punter from Australia I thought he had committed to Eastern Michigan but as I looked more into the story that was his brother Jack Sheldon. Tom is indeed off to North Carolina to punt for the Tar Heels.

In an article with Northcarolina.247sports.com they asked Head Coach Larry Fedora how they come across the Aussie.

“We started researching all the punters in the country,” Fedora explained. “I mean looking at all schools and who were good and why — we started really researching it. We noticed that there was this trend of Australian punters. I thought that was a little weird, so I started looking into it. I talked to a couple of coaches at some schools that had them and learned of this group called Pro Kick Australia and reached out to them. They started to put a couple of guys in front of us that they thought could play at the University of North Carolina.”

It was a few phone calls and hoping that when he got here I wasn’t going to get catfished,” the fifth-year head coach said. “It was basically over the internet and over the telephone. I mean I never saw Tom in person. I was hoping that when he got here that he was a real person.

Tom Sheldon to punt for the Tar Heels

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