Saturday, November 26th – Neptune Park – 1:00pm Kick Off
• 2nd West Sydney Pirates (8-1-1) vs. 3rd UNSW Raiders (8-2)

  • Regular Season Result: Week 11, WST 50 – 46 RAI

Here. We. Go. The showdown between these two very evenly matched teams. Last time they played, the Raiders made a 4th quarter comeback and brought the deficit to within 4 points. This is something which the Raiders can use to motivate their boys coming into this one. The Pirates went on an unstoppable run throughout the season until they met the defending champs Sydney Uni, who snapped their undefeated streak. The week after they faced another tough challenge in the Raiders. One would think that a week off would do well for the Pirates as they now look toward this challenge. The Raiders will need to come into this one firing on all cylinders from the start of the game; this was their downfall initially. The Pirates were able to go up 22-6 in the first quarter and the Raiders came close but never overcame this deficit. There’s not much else I can say for this one, just get down there and witness it for yourself. Promises to be a huge clash!

Choc’s Prediction: too close to call


Saturday, November 26th – Neptune Park – 6:00pm Kick Off
• 1st Sydney University Lions (9-1-0) vs. 4th Northern Sydney Rebels (5-1-4)

  • Regular Season Result: Week 5, SYD 45 – 30 REB

Last time these two met, I was writing up about how the Rebels are a stark contrast to the team they were last season, and how the Lions were struggling in their wins throughout the season. 8 weeks later? Only one of those things have changed. The Lions seem to have gone back to their ways of old, dominating opponents and shutting down their main rivals, the Pirates in their Week 10 clash. We played the Lions in week 4 so I haven’t had a chance to see their team in action since then. But from what I’ve heard around the league, they are a very different team to the one they started the league with. Coach Ogborne has done well in locking down the holes in his team which were apparent in the first few weeks of the season. This clash should be interesting as last time they met, the Rebels outscored the champs in the second and third quarter. If the Rebels can start strong and keep the momentum from last week going, they could prove to be quite difficult for the Lions to dispatch. As much as I have a lot of faith in the North Sydney boys, I think the experience of playing in high profile games like this will prevail and the Lions will take this one.

Choc’s Prediction: SYD by NO MORE than 7


**Photo Credit: Alfred Wong Photography


GNSW Division 1 Semi-Final Preview

Daniel Crighton

LB for the UTS Gators. AKA Choc.

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