Saturday, November 19th – Lidcombe Oval – 1:00pm Kick Off
• 4th Northern Sydney Rebels (5-1-4) vs. 5th Sutherland Seahawks (5-1-4)

  • Choc’s Prediction: REB by 3

I’d just like to point out that I tipped the Rebels to be my dark horse before the season began 😉 but what a run of games these lads have been having. I have nothing but praise and congrats for all the boys and their coaches. What a difference they have made in the last few seasons. The Rebels opened and closed this game with a dominant performance from both their D and O throughout the whole game. An indicator of how dominant their D were? The only TD from the Seahawks came from a kick return. With this win, the Rebels set themselves up for a HUGE showdown with the 13 year defending champions, Sydney Uni; with the winner getting a spot in the Waratah Bowl

Final Score: REB 31 – 6 SEA


Saturday, November 19th – Lidcombe Oval – 6:00pm Kick Off
• 3rd UNSW Raiders (8-2) vs. 6th Northwestern Predators (4-1-5)

  • Choc’s Prediction: 😉

The outcome of this one just goes to show how much work Raiders HC Paul Manera has put in during the off-season with his team. The Predators never gave up and our heart was in it throughout the whole game. But the Raiders were too strong. The beginning of the Preds downfall came in the first quarter when Raiders LB Marcos Delana picked off a pass from Preds QB Mark Shoebridge and returned it for a TD. From there, the Raiders went up 21-0 before the break, with the Preds turning over the ball a record 5 times throughout the match. Call me biased, but the highlight of the evening went to Preds FS Alex dePyper blocking an extra point attempt from Raiders K Aaron McEvoy, only for Preds DT Jordan Harrison (aka Big Sexy) to pick up the ball and run 70 yards and pass the ball laterally to CB Andre Fernandes to score. It was a bittersweet moment as the Preds were already down 34 points but the night belonged to the Raiders. WR Damon Manns scored a beautiful 60 yard TD over yours truly. RBs Lamar Dansby and Christian Gaitau both scored one of their own, with the latter running over 40 yards to pick up his TD. All in all, the Raiders were all over us and deserve their place in the semi-finals. This weekend they have an even bigger showdown with the West Sydney Pirates. It’s a round 11 rematch and last time the Pirates just beat the Raiders. I don’t think I’m going to predict that one, we’ll just let the lads to their talking on the field.

Final Score: RAI 48 – 16 NWP


**Sydney Uni Lions & West Sydney Pirates have the Bye this week
**Photo Credit: TM Fotos


GNSW Division 1 Quarter-Finals Results

Daniel Crighton

LB for the UTS Gators. AKA Choc.

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