NO PREVIEW? What’s going on??? Nah, apologies all GDU readers, work kept me snowed under and I wasn’t able to publish a preview. But nevertheless, here’s a wrap up of this weeks games:


Saturday, November 5th – Neptune Park – 1:30pm Kick Off
• Nepean Ducks (4-1-3) vs. Northwestern Predators (3-1-5)

In a must win game for the Predators, the boys in black and red were able to show the GNSW they aren’t out yet. From the opening snap, the Preds controlled the O, with RB Jack Marton racking up big yards on the ground and scoring 2 TDs himself, including a 60+ yard run in the second quarter. And on the defensive side of the ball, the Preds shut down the Ducks dangerous receiver WR Grant McNaughton. This was obviously a depleted Ducks team which showed up as star RB Stuart Etcell did not play due to an injury and McNaughton did not play the second quarter. The Preds used this to their advantage, capitalising on the holes in the Ducks squad and shutting their opponents out. The cookie crumbled perfectly for the Preds (and for WR Mark Curry, who leads the Preds in TD’s since the start of the 4th quarter against the Ducks 😉 theres your shout out haha) who now go into the final week of the regular season tied with both the Rebels and the Ducks.

Final Score: NEP 0 – 26 NWP


Saturday, November 5th – Neptune Park – 6:30pm Kick Off
• UTS Gators (1-1-6) vs. Sutherland Seahawks (4-1-3)

A very defensive showing by both teams kept this scoreline to a bare minimum in this one. The Seahawks were able to keep the UTS O to just 46 yards of total offense throughout the entire match (cheers Coach Lambropoulos for the stats!) while their O struggled to replicate their performance from last week, where they were able to put up 324 yards in the air over the Mustangs. Scores came from a safety after Gators QB Ben Loudon was tackled inside his endzone, and a 44 yard touchdown to Hawks WR Aaron Beyer. With a win here, the Hawks have now cemented themselves into 4th place on the ladder and regardless of a win or loss next week, they will face the 5th place team (Rebels or Ducks) in the first week of the playoffs. UTS will enjoy one last game next week against the Wollongong Mustangs to decide 9th and 10th place.

Final Score: UTS 0 – 10 SEA


Saturday, November 5th – Robert Ziems Park Corrimal – 3:00pm Kick Off
• Sydney University Lions (7-1-0) vs. West Sydney Pirates (7-1-0)

Oh what a game! These two are the heavyweights of the GNSW and after that performance, it isn’t hard to see why! The defending champions took a 14-0 lead in the first quarter before packing on the points in the second to take a 32-6 lead going into the break. The Lions lost an important member of their Offence, with RB Alex Watson picking up an injury but the Sydney Uni juggernaut kept coming. The third quarter was a highly defensive battle, with the Pirates picking up the only TD of the quarter before it all exploded in the 4th. Both teams went score for score in the 4th before the Pirates brought it to within 2 points with barely any time left on the game clock. However the experience of being undefeated and the defending champions was proven by Uni as they were able to score in the dying minutes of the game to put it just out of reach for the Pirates. This has now solidified the Lions place at the top of the ladder with one final game remaining. If they are to beat Newcastle, they will enjoy a week off in the first week of Preliminary Finals. Meanwhile the Pirates tough run isn’t over yet, as a showdown between themselves and the UNSW Raiders is on the horizon. The winner of that one will take second place and also enjoy a week off, while the loser will face the Northwestern Predators in the first week of playoffs.

Final Score: SYD 51 – 42 WST


Saturday, November 5th – Robert Ziems Park Corrimal – 6:00pm Kick Off
• UNSW Raiders (7-1) vs. Wollongong Mustangs (1-1-6)

The travelling Raiders took on the Mustangs in this one, and the Raiders were out for blood after being handed their first defeat all season last week from the Lions. The Raiders usual strength in numbers was a little smaller due to injuries sustained in the last few weeks but this didn’t deter the green machine as they came and rolled through Wollongong. The Raiders backup QB Lukas Vojnar was heavily showcased in this one, throwing for 2 TDs and running in for 2 himself. On the other side of the ball, the Mustangs were able to exploit some of the holes in the Raiders D, putting 20 points up against the green machine. Next week, the ‘Stangs will play their final game of the season against UTS to decide 10th place, while the Raiders have a 2nd place showdown with the Pirates to decide the final standings heading into the playoffs.

Final Score: RAI 47 – 20 WOL


Saturday, November 5th – Budgewoi Soccer Club Buff Point – 4:00pm Kick Off
• Central Coast Sharks (3-1-4) vs. Northern Sydney Rebels (3-1-4)

A must win game for both teams saw surprise victors prevail in this one. The Rebels are looking for their first playoff debut since their clubs formation and with a win in this one, they are one step closer. A strong opening by the boys in purple saw them go into the break, up 13-8. A strong defensive showing by new Rebels recruit, DB Mitch Kirk, helped his side keep the Sharks to 14 points in total for the game, while the Rebels O were able to pile on points in the second half and run away victors in this one. Since the Predators won their game, this has knocked the Sharks just out of the playoff picture for this season, as teams who are tied on points are placed dependent on their head to head performances. This means that since the Sharks were defeated by the Predators, even if they win next week, they will unfortunately fall short of the playoffs. Meanwhile the Rebels have set themselves up for a huge showdown at home next week against the Ducks. Both teams are equal on 9 points and since the Predators have beaten both teams, the loser of this one will be knocked out of the playoff spots. Huge must-win game for both teams!

Final Score: CCS 14 – 35 REB

 **Newcastle Cobras have the Bye this week

**Photo Credit: Alfred Wong Photography

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GNSW Division 1 Week 10 Results

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