Saturday, November 12th – Neptune Park – 3:30pm Kick Off
• Sutherland Seahawks (5-1-3) vs. Central Coast Sharks (3-1-5)

  • Choc’s Prediction: SEA by 3

What a way to end the season for the Sharks. Unfortunately they just missed out on a playoff spot but a hard-fought effort over the Hawks allowed the Sharks to go home with smiles on their dials (and the Rebels should be thankful too… but more about them later). The Sharks came into this one with a new face calling the shots on offence; from the well-known Tos football family (Rhett, Peter Sr, Tiffany), Peter Tos Jr stepped in at QB and allowed starting QB Jordan Nikora move out into a receiver role (as well as test his skills on D). The Hawks opened the scoring and many would have tipped them to take this one. But the Sharks never gave up, coming back and scoring three in the first half, with Tos throwing for 2 TDs. The Sharks went into the break, up 21-8 and it looked like their defence would rule this one, with the Sharks racking up 6 interceptions throughout the match (cheers Jake Humphreys for the stats on that one!). It was a completely different Hawks side that came out to play in the second half, as they stacked on the points and came to within 1 point of tying the game. But alas, the resilient Sharks were able to hold out and end their season on a high. Next week, the Seahawks take on the Rebels for a spot in the semi-finals, which will sure prove to be a great game. Lastly, jump on the Central Coast Sharks Instagram page and check out the GIF image they created with Nath Thompson putting a big hit on a Hawks receiver and Rhett Tos grabbing the ensuing fumble. Great stuff!

Final Score: SEA 20 – 21 CCS


Saturday, November 12th – Neptune Park – 6:30pm Kick Off
• Wollongong Mustangs (1-1-7) vs. UTS Gators (1-1-7)

  • Choc’s Prediction: UTS by 3

The final game of the season for both these teams was to decide 9th and 10th place. The Gators came out strong and never looked back. Going into the break, the UTS side looked back to their scoring ways of the past. But it may be a case of too little too late. The ‘Stangs tried to fight back but their D couldn’t keep out the Gators, as they piled on another 22 points to end the game 50-14. As mentioned previously, the Gators have probably suffered their worst season in recent years. Injuries to key players (QB Jordan Rowland, LB Tim Clulow), as well as players moving to different clubs left their side with holes that couldn’t be filled. Hopefully they are able to keep their recent additions and with these injured players returning, next season they can go back to the playoff contenders they are known as.

Final Score: WOL 14 – 50 UTS


Saturday, November 12th – Forestville Oval – 4:30pm Kick Off
• Northern Sydney Rebels (4-1-4) vs Nepean Ducks (4-1-4)

  • Choc’s Prediction: too close to call

Too close to call was right! This one was a highly defensive battle with the Rebels getting the better of the Ducks and cementing their place in the playoffs (for the first time in their club history!). The game opened with both teams needing a W in order for one of them to progress; or a draw for both of them to progress, so the Predators who were watching the game were a little nervous after the first quarter, with both teams tied at 0-0. If you’re wondering why the Preds were nervous; if the final result was a draw, both the Ducks and Rebels would get a point each and progress into the playoffs. The Rebels went up early in the second quarter before the Ducks scored off a back shoulder pass to star WR Grant McNaughton. However the play of the game goes to the Rebels. On the ensuing PAT, McNaughton lined up to level the score. As the ball was snapped, Rebels DB Ben Lucas jumped the centre and forced the holder to readjust his position. When McNaughton took the kick, the adjustment was perfect for Rebels DT Simon Woodcock to get his hands in there and block the kick. This would prove to be vital for the Northern Sydney lads as the second half focused mostly on the D and neither team could add to their first half score. With the final score (plus the score in the Sharks vs Seahawks game), the Rebels cemented their place in the playoffs, finishing 4th and setting a few milestones for the club; first playoff appearance in the club’s history and best final position at the end of the regular season (4th). Well done Rebels!

Final Score: REB 7 – 6 NEP


Saturday, November 5th – The David Phillips Sporting Complex Daceyville – 3:00pm Kick Off
• Newcastle Cobras (0-1-8) vs. Sydney University Lions (8-1-0)

  • Choc’s Prediction: SYD by 21+

2016 is the year of the underdog. Cronulla Sharks, Western Bulldogs, Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Cubs, Donald Trump… could the Cobras do the unthinkable, dethrone the champions and add themselves to this list? On this day, no. The Lions came out and did what the Lions do. Dominate. Under extremely warm conditions, the Cobras came out and tried to topple the defending champions but to no avail, falling behind by 28 points in the first half. Second half, the Lions added on an additional 30 points to run away with the victory. Something to note here, last season the Lions demolished Newcastle by 85 so this performance shows the Cobras are getting better and better. To quote Head Coach Chris Bondin, “2015, we laid the foundation. 2016, we’ve laid the structures. In 2017, we finish our building.” I don’t think I could put it better myself. Yes their record hasn’t improved from last season but any of the other 10 teams (well 9 really) who faced them this season will agree this is not the same Newcastle outfit of seasons past. Well done to the Newcastle lads on a great season and good luck for season 2017. Meanwhile the champs will enjoy a week of R&R (and probably some scouting) before they take on the winner of Northwestern vs UNSW in the semi-finals.

Final Score: NEW 0 – 58 SYD


Saturday, November 5th – The David Phillips Sporting Complex Daceyville – 6:00pm Kick Off
• West Sydney Pirates (7-1-1) vs. UNSW Raiders (8-1)

  • Choc’s Prediction: WST by 3

Sorry to the Rebels and Ducks boys but this is by far my pick for game of the week. Good Lord! This one had so many ups and downs and a stunning finish. From the opening series, the Pirates showed their dominance on the ground and through the air, ending the first quarter, up 22-6. Raiders QB Lukas Vojnar and his O rallied in the second quarter to bring the difference to within 8 (28-20). The Pirates were keeping the Raiders at bay in the third before a late score in the 3rd quarter changed the momentum. After a Pirates score, the Western Sydney outfit kicked off and the Raiders ran the triple fake handoff. This worked perfectly as the ball was handed to DB Kingsley Dennison who ran up through the middle of the field and down the Raiders sideline to score a 70 yard TD. The Raiders used this momentum to their advantage, recovering 2 onside kicks in the 4th quarter and bringing the score to within 4 points. The Raiders continued to push the Pirates D onto the backfoot and were just outside their redzone with 4 seconds left on the game clock, 4th down and no timeouts remaining. HC Paul Manera called for a prayer and Vojnar took the ball with his receivers going deep for a Hail Mary. But the Pirates D were able to bat down the pass and ended the game, sealing their spot in second place. This now sets up a showdown between the Raiders and Predators next week for the coveted spot in the semi-finals against the Lions, while the Pirates will enjoy a week off and play the winner of the Rebels and Seahawks in the semis.

Final Score: WST 50 – 46 RAI


**Northwestern Predators have the Bye this week
**Photo Credit: TM Fotos


GNSW Division 1 Week 11 Results

Daniel Crighton

LB for the UTS Gators. AKA Choc.

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