Week 6 Gridiron West wrap up

In the first game of the weekend the Vipers sporting two new import Receivers, namely Austin Winston and D.J. Battistella Jr. were looking to open up the Vipers offensive game plan. The Vipers seem to be getting stronger week by week. They dominated the Steelers in every aspect of the game.

Final Score Vipers 58 def Steelers 0

In a highly entertaining game of winless teams the Blitz and Wolverines both showed they have plenty of talent but then would have lulls that explained being winless. The Blitz were up 20-6 late but interceptions and a few long passes led the Wolves a 2 point conversion away from tying up the game. Their 2 point pass play was thwarted at the inch line to ensure a Blitz victory.

Final Score Blitz 20 def Wolverines 18

The Jets and Broncos were also involved in a tight contest with the Jets looking to be in control going into the 4th winning 28-14. The Broncos then took the game over and finished with a flourish to take a 30-28 lead. The Jets final possession fell short and left the Jets being possibly the most talented 1-4 team due to some tough breaks this season.

Final Score: Broncos 30 def Jets 28

Next week:

Saturday November 19th, 2016

  • Saints (5-0) vs.Vipers (5-0) 3:15 pm Anniversary Park, Rockingham
  • Jets (1-4) vs. Blitz (1-3-1) 6:45 pm Anniversary Park, Rockingham
  • Steelers (1-2-2) vs. Broncos (3-2) 2:00 pm Anniversary Park, Rockingham
Gridiron West Week 6 wrap up


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