Let me start out be giving a shout out to all the haters. There may be 2 divisions of Football in Gridiron Victoria this year and there should only #1league. And with 7 teams in its division, that #1league is Division 2! Bring on the hate mail and bring on the season of controversy, banter, wildly exaggerated facts and Division 2 Power Rankings

  1. Northern Raiders (2-0)

    Well it’s about time. Finally the Northern Raiders are following through with their potential. Here’s a team that has stood on the back of their defence and waited for there offence to catch up the last few years. Is this the direct impact from entrusting their team with what could only be described as Patrick Swayze larger younger brother or just the level of competition dropping from previous years? Either way, who cares! All that matters is the numbers TWO and ZERO.

  2. Western Crusaders II (1-0)

    Tough one to rank, the Western Crusaders II (or affectionately dubbed CRU 2) started out strong in their initial showing against Casey Cardinia United. But I’ll be honest, I don’t expect to see CRU 2 this high on our Power Rankings after week 4. The word going around town is that the playing numbers aren’t as strong as first would’ve thought and despite the crafty administration at the CRU, once Division 1 starts back up, it will be interesting to see how many suit up for the Red and White week in week out. Either way, great to see another club with an additional team. This pundit believes that’s the true future of Division 2.

  3. Ballarat Falcons (2-0)

    Here’s one of the surprise packets of the Division 2 season so far. Despite a similar direction, the club has a new figure head and perhaps that’s all they needed to breed success. With a new promising Quarterback, the offense is beginning to show glimmers of potential that will only grow with every snap the offence takes together. Their Defence still needs work but one things clear, they want that ball! Ballarat have aggressively won the turnover battle each week and it ultimately has been the difference in the two hotly contested games.

  4. Melton Wolves (1-1)

    Here’s the bad news, you are no longer a virgin anymore. Fumbling around in darkness while you try and take the training bra off is not acceptable anymore. Here’s the good news, After two weeks of Football in 2017, you’ve shown that you belong already. Lead by a highly capable QB and supported by a fundamentally sounds group of Linebackers, the Wolves are heading the right direction. Still with plenty of weaknesses on both sides of the ball, the Wolves should hover around the middle of the pack all season and should be aiming for a final position.

  5. Bendigo Dragons (0-2)

    Well here’s the shock of the season. The favourite’s to take out the Division 2 competition have faltered at both challenges this year and the scoreboard shows that they weren’t even close. Is this the beginning of the fall from grace for the Division 2 powerhouse or perhaps their honeymoon period has simply just finished. Only time will tell for the club.

  6. Casey Cardinia United (0-1)

    Once nicknamed the back-door Gorilla’s, the Casey Cardinia United have a tough year ahead. The animals have got restless and the monkey s#*t has started to be thrown. Luckily for the amalgamated sides, football has begun and they can wipe the crap out of their eyes. It doesn’t bode too well for the club this year however credit must be given to the club for putting together a side after losing 90% of their playing base from their championship season in 2016.

  7. Monash Barbarians 0-1

    I expect the Barbarians to be better. After seeing what looked like 60-70 people in pads and helmets on the weekend I actually had fear in what competition you may bring this year. Too see key leaders still involved and to be reassured by a sure to be dominant Warriors team, you could be the best. But similar to last year, every thought, every assessment, every hope was obliterated by the performance on the field. The positive, that is ridiculous to see that many numbers on one sideline! Make something with it!

Just remember guys – let the football do the talking. And when that doesn’t work, feed me gossip so I can stir a pot

Gridiron Victoria Division 2 Power Rankings

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