It’s the day after the Outback’s tough loss to Canada and the girls are back at work doing walk throughs and film review. The energy is strong among the girls, each of them looking to secure a starting spot on Tuesday when the Outback will take on Mexico. (Wednesday at 4:30am AEST) ¬†

Having rested and recovered the coaches are now looking at how the Outback will approach the game and adjust to Mexico’s outside speed. Working on containing the run, and ensuring the secondary is solid against the pass option we saw in the Mexico v USA game.

A few on-field adjustments against Canada in key positions bolstered defence with more strength in the secondary. #10 Ella Briscoe was called up at Safety against Canada and made a big impact after #27 Jordan DiMizio was unfortunately injured – she looks to stay in that position (previously playing linebacker) while DiMizio is in recovery.

Game 1 MVP – #45 CJ Sims mentioned that the key to ensuring the Outback come up strong against Mexico is that “they play their game and the D-line have that covered”, being the standout group in the previous game.

With Sims and #99 Megan Wills stacking up on the ends, the Outback defence stands strong with linebackers #63 Kirstie Bridge and #22 Rachelle Ware and look to improve even more against Mexico.

Quarterbacks #14 Casey Cubis and #7 Lauren Evans look calm and settled in practice which is a good feeling to have after being rattled against Canada and will be looking to finally settle into a rhythm against Mexico.  Evans is strong and confident, her head is always in the game and she excels at the reading of the defence. If she can shake the nerves of the last game she will be a force to be reckoned with.

Cubis looks like an unassuming threat, towering over 6ft her eye for the field and strength of her arm has gotten her to this point. Once Casey gets into game mode her head clears and she throws consistently well placed and timed balls.

Each QB will be given a chance to take control of the offence against a strong defensive front that Mexico has displayed, but both Evans and Cubis are up to that task.

This team has a strong offence, given the chance to settle. A few key players to watch out for on offence #15 Kestra Triasmono, #28 Theresa Ealdama and of course the only score from the last game, #6 Kristy Moran.

Coach Jen Welter is confident that the Outback will be able to match up with Mexico and will lead the team out again on Tuesday 27th 11.30am PDT/ Wednesday 28th 4.30am AEST.

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Written by: Stacey Speer

PREVIEW: The Outback Women take on Mexico

Stacey Speer

Stacey Speer from Women's Gridiron Leagues of Australia

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