Apparently the first power rankings for the year was well received. Whoop-de-doo. I’ve been arguing with my editor asking ‘whats the point, none of them can read anyway’. But hey, maybe I’m wrong….for once. Or maybe it’s just because people aren’t taking this dribble seriously anymore (remember that one time that the Wolves were personally offended that I pointed out their white jerseys must get dirty in muddy games). Either way, thanks for reading I guess.

1. Northern Raiders (3-0) – Same Power Ranking

Let me make something clear, despite fulfilling your potential I would much rather you guys lose. I have a treasure chest for of mud to fling at the Raiders but as long as the wins keep piling up, that chest will stay locked. The good news however is I don’t think it will be an undefeated season for the Raiders. I still haven’t seen a dominant performance from their Offense. Yes, it has stood up when needed but once some of these lower ranked sides get more settled into the season, I feel the chest may be opening up. But until then I’ll keep it short (oooooo too soon?).

2. Melton Wolves (2-1) – Up 2 Power Rankings

Big jump for the boys in Melton. After watching them up close last week I can’t really decide what is in store for the Wolves in 2017. From the surface all looks great. An aggressive defence and a star under center they could go a long way this year. How far is truly up to their opponents. The offence is missing some fundamentals and the defence certainly has some cracks. Some would say these issues will be irrelevant in Division 2, I guess the next move is on the opposition coaches.

3. Ballarat Falcons (2-1) – Same Power Ranking

Here’s a little bit of controversy. Now I know the folks in Ballarat will be disappointed not to have claimed number 2 spot on my Power Rankings but for me its coming back to potential. Potential to get a Gridiron Victoria record of penalties in one season. I mean, the VGOA should be asking for re-imbursements for the cost of new note pads. Even when watching one of their games the other week, I brought my yellow flag to throw just to help the officials out. It is truly hard to see what the Falcons could be when all the flags are wiped away. Will we find out this year? What makes this year different to the previous 4? Your move Ballarat

4. Western Crusaders II (2-0) – Down 2 Power Rankings

Cru 2 won and went down in rankings? How does that happen? Quite easily.
They lost their starting quarterback early in the game last week which all but stalled their offence. One bright glimmer came from Flint Tuitavuki but can that be relied on every week? One other glimmer was having back up Quarterback Harry Jalland seeing some time in shotgun. Its probably the quietest that Gridiron Victoria has been since his arrival 5 years ago. Let’s see (hear) it again this week

5. Bendigo Dragons (0-3) – Same Power Ranking

We saw a different Bendigo Dragons in week 3 of Division 2 Football. It’s a pity for Bendigo that it still had the same net result. ANOTHER loss. With a starting lineup that has looked like a circus carousel the last three weeks, who knows which Dragons will suit up next week. In saying that, the defence looked far more comfortable despite missing a couple of key tackles and their backfield operated beautifully when injuries forced them to enforce a size restriction…..”only fridges allowed”. But hey, the big boys ran it well. Can they turn it around at home and move up the rankings next week? Lets see.

6. Monash Barbarians (0-2) – Up 1 Power Ranking

I’ll be honest, last weeks ranking of last was pretty unfair. It was certainly out of disappointment not spite that found them at the bottom. But this week, the Barbarians welcomed one of my favourite players onto their Defensive Line. Enter the man mountain Sam Karag. Unfortunately the Wolves may have picked up on this too and employed an admirable tactic. If you run it, run it away from Karag. And it worked. I don’t think they’re Defence is entirely that bad however they are just on the field too much. If coach Sanderson can focus on the Offence at training this week it will do them a world of good.

7. Casey Cardinia United (0-2) – Down 1 Power Ranking

To be honest, I still have no idea about the soccer club Casey Cardinia United. The one team I haven’t had the opportunity to watch this year and despite all the preseason talk involving their conversion of sporting codes, all has been quiet on the Western Front since seasons beginning. I think they have a big challenge ahead of them trying to keep this weeks game to something that looks like a soccer scoreline. Either way, at least I’ll be able to say my opinion is informed after this weekend.


Big shout out to one of our officials Bryan Cross. You know you’re a sucker for punishment when you enjoy abuse so much that you decide to run for local council too. Gotta give them someone to hate, great work Bryan

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GV Division 2 Power Rankings Week 3

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