Fish On Barbarian Menu.

Monash Barbarians 42 Defeated Peninsula Sharks 0

The positive in this game was the fact the Sharks were able to move the ball downfield. Just the lack of experience again having a huge factor. The Sharks have allowed over 40 points in all of the games.

The Barbarians would have enjoyed this game after the season they have had.


Bucc-ing The Trend.

Geelong Buccaneers 20 Defeated South Eastern Predators 16

If anything this was a good battle between the bottom 2 sides of the original DIV 1. The Predators short on numbers and short tempered against a Buccaneers outfit that are obviously better than they first thought they were.

The Buccs didn’t do anything out of the ordinary but were able to run against the Preds Defense. Penalties were the issue with the Predators Offense, unnecessary penalties due to lack of discipline. We did see a rare FG made by the Predators kicker Maddy Bailey.


Falcons Lose Flight.

Croydon Rangers 31 Defeated Ballarat Falcons 0 

More commonly known as DUST BOWL I.

We only got half a game out of this one with the Falcons short on numbers to begin with, then losing 4 more to injury resulting in the half time forfeit.


Dragons Pull Through.

Bendigo Dragons 13 Defeated Northern Raiders 0

DUST BOWL II was looking more like that famous scene in the movie the Wanderers. Due to the fact the 1st game finished early, there weren’t many people here to support the teams. The warm weather might have had something to do with that.

Both sides struggled early with dust flying and the occasional flag as well for roughing the passer. Neither team could move the ball having to Punt it away near mid field, resulting in Touch Backs. The Dragons looked the more likely to score first but the Raiders Defense held strong including an interception by FS Mark Padula in the end zone, killing of a Dragons drive for the first points. The first half seemed to have ended very quickly due to both sides most running the ball.

Passing wasn’t made easy for the Raiders with constant pressure on the QB by the Dragons pass rush. QB Michael Nebauer did well stepping up into the pocket but wasn’t able to connect with his receivers often enough. WR Nicholas Faure was his safest option with a few key catches but nothing of major note.

The Dragons ran the ball well with QB Ian Juede and RB Raymond Henderson getting some yards. Although he looked dangerous on many occassions, WR Michael Dell was well held by the Raiders Defense shutting him down before he could break loose for a score.

The game was looking like it was heading for a draw until the Dragons were in scoring distance early in the 4th qtr. Unfortunately they faced a 4th and long and fumbled, handing the ball back to the Raiders. The Raiders were at their own 41yd line when they tried to get the first down from a 4th down and failed, handing the ball back to the Dragons.

On the 2nd play of the Dragons next possession QB Ian Juede hit WR Jarrod Prentice up the middle for the go ahead Touch Down. The Extra point didn’t go to plan and K Thomas Prince ran out of bounds short of the goal line. The first score and the Dragons led 6-0 with 7 minutes left. Still time for the Raiders to answer.

The Raiders faced yet another 4th down situation that they just had to go for. With a bit of help from the Dragons having 12 men on the field they were successful. WR Nicholas Faure caught a pass for a 1st down but soon after QB Michael Nebauer fumbled the snap which was recovered by the Dragons.

After yet another injury to a Raiders player, the icing on the cake came in the form of a 14yd run by RB Raymond Henderson and the XP was good. The dust had settled and the game was over.


F’n The West.

Western Crusaders 7 Defeated Melton Wolves 0

There was no game this week due to the Forfeit by the Wolves. With what was possibly the biggest playing roster in GV, they have suffered some significant injuries.


WEEK 11.


Recent form shows that this should be a good game to watch.

The Buccaneers will want to prove that they are not just the 5th best side by knocking off the Rangers. The running game will play a key part again this week.

The Rangers will welcome the challenge and hope not to lose to the Buccs. The passing game could be the difference between winning and losing.

Prediction – Buccaneers 14 V Rangers 21

The raiders Defense will have their work cut out for them. On a positive, the Raiders, despite low numbers, have finished every game they’ve played. Well except for the lighting strike game.

An unexpected Bye week will see them come out firing on all cylinders in readiness for the battle against the Royals coming up soon.

Prediction – Raiders 0 V Crusaders 46

Although playing at home I don’t see this being pretty for the Dragons. Another club low on numbers that seem to get through games.

The Warriors will be back refreshed and looking to play themselves into form. This game will also be decided by half time.

Prediction – Dragons 0 Warriors 44

After a few weeks off the Royals should be fresh and ready to go. Another game that will be over by half time. The Franklin to Kerin show will be on again.

The Wolves will hope that everyone is back from injury to ensure this game goes all 4 quarters. Running won’t be easy even with Matthew Krul so expect to see some more passing from QB David Parkinson.

Prediction – Royals 48 V Wolves 0

If the Silverbacks field a side and even if they don’t, this one will be over in the first quarter.

The Preds can work on a few things in this one in readiness for the playoffs. Working on less flags will be a good place to start.

Prediction – Silverbacks 0 Predators 49

GV 2018 Week 10 Review (Week 11 Preview)

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