Western Crusaders 1 ⇔ 1

The game that coach Craig Wilson has been waiting for. Was sighted (by me) watching the Royals in preparation for this huge, HUGE game. Did I mention how huge it is?

Melbourne University Royals 2 ⇔ 2

Won’t be happy they were scored on by a former Div 2 side who has struggled. Massive game this week which will no doubt be the preview of the Vic Bowl, unless there is a natural disaster of some kind.

Monash Warriors 3 ⇔ 3

Almost lost after having a handy half time lead. Should restore order against the Falcons.

Croydon Rangers 4 ⇔ 4

Showed how much of a gap (refer below) there is between 4th and 5th with a big victory. Get a week off.




Geelong Buccaneers 5 ⇔ 5

Smashed by the team above them but should get a victory this week.
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Bendigo Dragons 6 ⇑ 7

Surprised a lot of people except themselves with an almost unlikely victory. Get the week off to build on things at training.

South Eastern Predators 7 ⇓ 6

Super slow start against the undermanned Silverbacks. This weekend’s result might not see them rise considering who they are playing.

Northern Raiders 8 ⇔ 8

A home game against the Buccs. Low on numbers, it will be difficult to win. Another Dust Bowl or a massive bog?

Ballarat Falcons 9 ⇔ 9

Tough game against the 3rd best team in the League. Stranger things have happened.

Monash Barbarians 10 ⇔ 10

Bye week again due to strange scheduling.

Melton Wolves 11 ⇔ 11

Final game. Can’t make finals and will look to end a disappointing season on a high.

Peninsula Sharks 12 ⇔ 12

Another 40+ result coming up.

Pakenham Silverbacks 13 ⇔ 13

Another game where they had to borrow players and become the Silver Wolves. Let’s hope enough of them make the trip to Melton to support the Lymphoma campaign.

GV Power Rankings Week 11.

Scott Ditcham

Football lover since 1990. Massive Denver Broncos fan and father of 1 future football player. Retired GREAT of the Melton Wolves. Writer for Gridiron Downunder Gridiron Victoria. Onside Kick Productions founder. 2016 season stats - 1 INT, 15 missed tackles, 3 tackles and 1 Minor Concussion.

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