I’m back after a couple of weeks off.

Week 1 of the Playoffs will see an AFL style format as opposed to last year.

November 16, 2019EF – Buccaneers (6) v Dragons (7)10:30 amHendy Street Reserve


If we look back we see that the Buccaneers were able to defeat the Dragons in a very low scoring affair, winning 14-0.

The Dragons have been the Jekyl and Hyde team all season but have found a bit of stability at the right time of the year.

The Buccs have also been improving as the season progressed, being able to hold the Rangers to just 19 points.

This will be a coin flip. If the Buccs can control the Dragons running attack led by Brandon Walker, then that will go a long way to winning and surviving for another week.

Prediction – Buccaneers 22 Dragons 20

November 16, 2019QF – Warriors (2) v Rangers (3)10:30 amRanger Field


The last time these 2 met the Warriors were able to get the win in a high standard game.

The Rangers, although they had a shock loss in week 2 against the Dragons, will be hoping to get revenge on the Warriors for the defeat a couple of weeks ago.

History will show that the Warriors come to play come finals time and this won’t change.

Prediction – Warriors 24 Rangers 14

November 16, 2019EF – Predators (5) v Falcons (8)2:00 pmHendy Street Reserve


According to WIN NEWS in Ballarat, the Preds had merged with the Rangers, giving them more chances to beat the Crusaders perhaps? All jokes aside, at least the Falcons are getting the League some TV coverage. Well done to them.

The Falcons Offense can be dangerous, especially with their receiving core and one of the better QB’s in the League in James Stephens. Unfortunatley the Defense can get scored against heavily which has happened quite often.

The Preds had a good showing against the Warriors in the final regular season game. I don’t think we can read too much into that as the Warriors obviously rested a few starters in preparation for the Playoffs.

Prediction – Predators 44 Falcons 12

November 16, 2019QF – Crusaders (1) v Royals (4)2:00 pmRanger Field


Since the shock resignation of Joshua Faure as Head Coach the last time these 2 met, the Royals have gone on a massive slide which included beating the lowly Wolves 16-0. who only had 16 players on the day…..despite the running clock from the very beginning, they should have won by more.

The Crusaders haven’t been troubled by anyone so far this year. The only clubs to keep them under 40 points have been the 2nd placed Warriors and the Rangers, who surprisingly kept them to 2 Touch Downs.

The Cru will dispose of the Royals and wait to see who they can devour next enroute to a Threepeat.

Prediction – Crusaders 54 Royals 8

So there we have it. Let’s see how close my predictions are.

There are no Power Rankings as the rankings pretty much form the same as the standings.

GV 2019 Playoffs Week 1.

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