Vic Bowl is finally here. After what seemed like an extremely long season, it all comes down to one day for all the teams involved.

Here is a prediction as to what will happen in ALL Competitions on Sunday.

Junior Varsity – Geelong Buccaneers V Croydon Rangers @ 9am.

*****GAME OF THE DAY*****

The future of the League starts with these kids. With just 5 clubs with JV sides we hope that next year we will see more clubs get involved. It’s been a fairly even competition with the Buccs in their first season taking the number one spot, surviving a scare against the Sharks in the Prelims. The Rangers have a solid base with their JV side.

Prediction – Buccaneers 28 Rangers 26

Colts – Melbourne University Royals V Western Crusaders @ 1030am.

With just 4 clubs taking the field in this competition, there were big gaps in games each week. As per usual the Royals dominated going undefeated and looking to go back to back. The Crusaders, despite winning just 1 game had an opportunity for just one more win to get them into the Championship game against the more fancied Casey Spartans, who had their inaugural season. The Crusaders shocked the Spartans and now find themselves with the daunting task of playing the Royals

Prediction – Royals 32 Crusaders 14

Women’s – Northern Raiders V Western Crusaders @ 130pm

These 2 teams were definitely the best with the Raiders being the standout club. In the 2 times these teams played each other, a total of 180 points have been scored.

Prediction – Raiders 48 Crusaders 28

Men’s – Western Crusaders V Monash Warriors @ 330pm

Positions 1 and 2 on the ladder so you could say they deserve to be here…..well you would have to say that especially for the Crusaders.

While the Crusaders have smashed pretty much all before them, only the Warriors can say they put double digits on them last time they met.

The Warriors are veterans here, maybe the Patriots of GV over the years but like Tom Brady, time is catching up with some of these players. Dom Dearman has been the face of Monash for a very very very very very long time and his status is uncertain after leaving the game last week against the Predators. Luke Jackson continues to power over defences but will be faced with the horrifying task of running into Victor Utumapu and Jnala Saluni (John Farnham of GV).

The Crusaders have far too many weapons on both sides of the ball and the fleet footed Rohail Akhtar will probably cause havoc. If the Warriors don’t hit him as soon as he gets the ball they’ll be in trouble. Even then he’ll just bounce off or use his amazing feet and speed.

The Crusaders and HC Craig Wilson will be making it a threepeat come 6pm Sunday.

Prediction – Crusaders 42 Warriors 14

GV 2019 Vic Bowl XXXV Predictions

Scott Ditcham

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