Well, that’s a wrap on the 2021 regular season. We waited so long for it and now it’s over. Bring on the playoffs!

Under 16’s

South Eastern Predators 14 Defeated Western Crusaders 6

The young Predators have closed out the season in fine fashion, with a win over the highly fancied Crusaders. That’s 3 wins in a row for the preds. This makes the playoffs all the more interesting.

Geelong Buccaneers 32 Defeated by Croydon Rangers 34

The Rangers finished the season with another win, cementing their place in the top spot. It will all count for nothing as all 4 sides play again in the playoffs. What was done in season can be easily undone next weekend.

Photo by Latisha Cowie Cocker

Under 19’s

Geelong Buccaneers 46 Defeated Croydon Rangers 40

The Buccaneers had revenge in the final round in a high scoring affair once again. Looking forward to seeing how much pressure of playoffs has on these young players. The intensity will lift, as will the Defence but I could be wrong…again.

Photo by Latisha Cowie-Cocker

South Eastern Predators 44 Defeated Melbourne Uni Royals 18

Something has been in the water down at the Predators. With their highest score for the season, they ran out winners in this under 19’s clash. Both junior teams at the Preds are big threats to the top 2 sides. Again, playoffs could be a different story.

Division 2

Western Crusaders 28 Defeated by Melton Wolves 33

The only shock wasn’t seeing the Wolves get their first win for the year, it was also a rare sight to see an extra point kick after a Touchdown. A 50% strike rate is good enough in my books.

The Wolves established the run early, especially exploiting the right-hand side of the Crusaders Defence. The run game helped Wolves QB Daniel Mansueto connect on a couple of long passes to RB/WR Zac Patrick for 2 scores. Wolves RB Emran Jeka had a career day on the ground as well.

The game was close and entertaining to watch with the Wolves enjoying getting the win. Hope this is something they can build on next season. The Crusaders will play the Raiders in the DIV 2 Championship game on April 2nd.

Screenshot from GVision

Division 1

Melbourne Uni Royals 32 Defeated South Eastern Predators 14

With playoffs out of the question for the Preds and the Royals cemented in the top 4, this was no surprise in any way shape or form. At least the Preds were able to hit double points and Royals young QB Declan Ramage showed what he can do with more game time. I guess the question will be, who will be QB for the Royals in the playoffs? Will Fisher be available? If he is, he definitely starts.

Geelong Buccaneers 6 Defeated by Croydon Rangers 7

Geelong had to win to consolidate their spot in the top 4 as the Warriors were breathing down their necks, waiting for the Bucs to fall. In what was decided at nearly the death, a Buccaneers drive in scoring range with a 6-nil lead, was stopped dead in its tracks from a pick 6 by Rangers LB Bill Wilson. He picked it in the end zone and returned it the length of the field, sending President James Arthur and many others onto the field in celebration. I’m guessing the XP kick was good with this score line but I wasn’t there. Only saw the highlight set to the Titanic theme song, which does make it look all the better.

LINK HERE https://fb.watch/bVglxmgApj/

Western Crusaders 54 Defeated Warriors Gridiron 0

With the Bucs losing the day before it left a spot in 4th wide open for the Warriors. The Warriors were confident having beaten the Crusaders earlier in the year. We all knew that the Cru would want revenge and nothing more than ending the Warriors playoff attendance run (How many years running has it been?)

If you had of blinked you would have missed the scores hitting 14-0 in under 1 minute of play. It didn’t get any better for the Warriors with the first term blowing out to 32-0, and a threat of the mercy rule kicking in already. This game was done and just a question of how far the Cru?

Warriors RB Luke Jackson couldn’t break through the Crusader defence. The Warriors QB’s struggled, but they are still kids and have a lot to learn. There were only 3 real big plays by the Warriors with one that could have gone for the score, but he was tripped up.

The Highlights from the DIV 2 and DIV 1 games at Henry Turner Reserve can be seen below on youtube

Gridiron Victoria Round 10 Review (2021 Season)

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