With just one more round remaining, 3 teams are vying for spots in the top 4. The Royals and Crusaders are in while the Rangers hold onto 3rd, Buccaneers are 4th and the Warriors are a must win if they have any chance of getting in.

The season is drawing to a close. A much-needed season to keep all involved interested after the lengthy lay off we’d all rather forget. With all that behind us now, let’s see what happens in the final week of Gridiron Victoria’s 2021 Season.

UNDER 16’s

Croydon Rangers 12 Defeated by South Eastern Predators 14

That’s 2 wins in a row for the Andy Nilsson coached Predators. Looks like they’ve finally found the right formula and can be a factor in the playoffs. Maybe it’s not as cut and dry as we first thought?

Geelong Buccaneers Forfeit to Western Crusaders

Unfortunately, due to Covid, the Bucs couldn’t field a side against the highly fancied Crusaders, who were looking for a win after the disappointing loss last week for the 2nd time this season, to the Rangers.

UNDER 19’s

Geelong Buccaneers 42 Defeated Melbourne Uni Royals 0

Despite being at least somewhat competitive most of the season. The Royals have simply run out of legs and are just limping towards the end of the season. A comprehensive victory for the Buccaneers who look to be the only competition for the first placed Rangers.

Croydon Rangers win by Forfeit over South Eastern Predators

I am unsure as to why this game was a forfeit for the Preds. The Rangers had a rest week.


Western Crusaders 34 Defeated Northern Raiders 16

In a 3 team Division it’s looking like a complete domination by the Crusaders. Despite getting on the scoreboard first, the Northern Raiders eventually ran out of legs and players to continue. A good effort for the Raiders who have finished 3-3 on the season, with a Div 2 Championship game to be played.

GVision Screenshot


Croydon Rangers 34 Defeated South Eastern Predators 0

The Rangers shot themselves into 3rd position with a victory this week. The Predators are at least playing out the year, and hope to build on next season.

Western Crusaders 48 Defeated Geelong Buccaneers 0

Another blowout meeting between these 2 sides. The Crusaders never looked like losing from the start, piling on 20 points in a blink of an eye. Looks like the mid-year slump is well and truly over and done with. Geelong is a shell of their first 2 weeks and really didn’t look like they were ready for a game of football.

Despite a number of injuries, the Crusaders were unstoppable. WR Rustem Todd looks like he is going to score every time he touches the ball, and he generally does. Good to see Sam Delai back from injury and ready for the playoffs. Matthew Krul has an arm and is hitting his receivers in stride. Tyson Garnham has scored many a time on the same play I keep seeing him used on. the defense, well the run game of Geelong was pretty much non existent thanks to them.

GVision screenshot

Warriors Gridiron 6 Drew Melbourne Uni Royals 6

I guess it depends on who the Royals have at QB as to how they will fair come playoff time. With Fisher at QB they look like a team that could go all the way. With young Declan Ramage at QB they look like a middle of the pack side. Not blaming it on Ramage but he’s definitely a different style of QB compared to Fisher.

I don’t know what to think about the Warriors. After beating the Crusaders, Rangers and then punishing the Preds, they’ve looked a bit average since. They must win this week to have any chance of getting in. If the Rangers and Bucs draw and Warriors win, they would dislodge the Bucs from the playoffs.

GVision highlights from the Crusaders V Raiders and Crusaders V Buccaneers.

Gridiron Victoria Round 9 Review (2021 Season)

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