On Wednesday the 12th of October Gridiron Australia announced the make up of the new board and new chairman and I hope we remember this day for the beginning of a new era for the sport in this country.

The new board is made up by seven men and two women with six of these directors joining in 2022:

  • Bret Mullavey (Chairman)
  • Michael Kerr
  • Shaun Dove
  • Eddie Kocwa
  • Daniel Noonan
  • Ryan Lenegan
  • Megan Harris
  • Cameron Baranski
  • Erin Lubowicz

You Learn more about each director here and you will see there is a wealth of knowledge and experience coming onto the board.

All this new blood is fantastic for GA as there is a mountain of work todo as the previous board have driven the sport to the brink in this country.

The NFL and College Football are more popular than they ever have been in Australia with over 10 games live every weekend on Free to Air and Pay TV in Australia every week.

There are also more Australian’s in the NFL and on College Football teams than ever before yet player numbers in Australia have been declining for years, why?

The Covid-19 pandemic became such a convenient excuse for the decline in player numbers but covid just accelerated the problem of shrinking player and club numbers.

Gridiron should be going through a golden age in Australia but we are going backwards.

On the Gridiron Australia website the following statement is on the Board page.

The Board is responsible for setting a clear strategic direction, displaying transparent decision making and providing strong leadership and management. 

In the past none of this things existed, I look forward to the new board taking on this huge challenge and I praise those who have chosen to take on this monumental challenge of dragging this sport out of the gutter and into prosperity.

GA announce new board & chairman.


Gridiron DownUnder's Grand Poobah

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