The long awaited start of the season has come and gone. Some high scoring games and surprises. No surprise who’s looking the best though.

Geelong Buccaneers 40 V Northern Raiders 14

After a season away from the game, the Bucs returned with some very familiar faces and some new blood. Most noticeably, the addition of star FS, Christian Barsic from the Juniors. The Raiders have a new QB in James Phillips and he looked to make an early connection with his receivers. Unfortunately for the Raiders, it took them more than a half to click into gear. Geelong opening up a 40-0 lead in the 3rd. They took the foot off the pedal and allowed the Raiders to score twice. It’s good to see the Buccaneers back with head coach Daniel Noonan.

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Western Crusaders II 36 V Melton Wolves 0

Is it possible to have one club with the 2 best teams? This could be a reality with the Crusaders easily disposing of the Melton Wolves. The Wolves offense struggled at times under a new QB. The running game took a little while to get going. The Ejection of two key defensive players did not help their cause. Something Head Coach Brad Baker will surely rectify going forward.

As for the Crusaders, they didn’t skip a beat. Taking control of the game from the beginning. A QB turned WR in James Stephens proved troublesome for the Wolves Defense. A Turkish Flag Footballer at QB and a very young Offensive line with an impressive running game. The Defense was solid as usual, in the shutout.

Croydon Rangers 45 V Warriors Gridiron 8

This game was well and truly over by the half time whistle. A score of 39 points saw the mercy rule kick in early. Hopefully the Warriors are just shaking off the cobwebs, but there were a number of unfamiliar faces in their line up.

This matchup didn’t really show where the Rangers are currently. Arguably the 2nd best side in the competition. Their real test will come.

Western Crusaders 58 V South Eastern Predators 0

An unknown Predators side, with their best Defensive Lineman Lachlan Haynes out for this one. It was never going to go too well for Head Coach Billy Morrison. Another blow out dominated by a relentless Crusader outfit. Where’s their weakness?? I don’t think they have one at this point.

The only thing different, is seeing former RB Tyrell Sharp playing LB for both Crusader sides. Everything else looks all too familiar.

Crusaders V Predators Live Stream

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