Hey!!! How good was round 2??? No time to review it as round 3 was just had. So…..How good was round 3????

4 games spread over 2 different venues made getting score updates pretty hard. Especially harder when the games you are actually at don’t have a scoreboard.

Predators 28 DEF Wolves 20

Over in Croydon at Ranger Field we had the South Eastern Preators taking on the struggling Melton Wolves. In a close hard fought battle, the Predators were able to get their first victory for 2023. This should be a confidence booster after their 0-2 start.

Crusaders II 32 DEF Warriors 24

At the same time the Western Crusaders II were hosting Warriors Gridiron. This game was a topsy turvy battle with turnovers and big plays a plenty. It came down to the final drive of the Warriors to see the Cru defend their lead until the final seconds. In the end the Cru took out the victory in this entertaining battle.

Rangers 36 DEF Dragons 0

After a solid defensive performance against Cru 2 in week 2. A confident Bendigo travelled to Croydon to take on the 2-0 Rangers. Despite a comprehensive victory in round 1, the Rangers struggled in round 2 against the Raiders but still came out victors.

The Rangers kept the Dragons Offense scoreless while QB James Avia was beginning to find his rhythm, with his star Wide Receivers. The mercy rule didn’t kick in until midway into the last quarter.

The Dragons now face a mammoth task of trying to stop the Western Crusaders in Bendigo on Saturday. The Rangers get the week rest.

Western Crusaders 52 DEF Buccaneers 6

The Buccs had to big task of trying to tame the Crusader juggernaught. Looking at the Buccs, they definitely have the size on the O Line to control the Crusader Defense. Unfortunately an early turn over started the scoring for the Crusaders. Down 22-0 they managed to get on the board. Unfortunatley that is as close as they got. Even without starting QB Matt Krul, who played a few snaps at WR before jetting off to Malaysia for the Flag football event, they didn’t skip a beat on Offense. I don’t know how they will be beaten. I can’t see it happening this season.

Gridiron Victoria Round 3 review

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